Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Love for Basketball

It starts with the National Anthem, the feeling that you may be sick, the butterflies in your stomach, the inability to stand still, warming up and stretching out. You know you are going to win, you can feel it in your bones. You look up into the crowd; all you can see is a wave of fans going wild in your school colors. The whistle blows and the tip-off starts the game. This match is going to be tougher than you thought. Trading basket for basket, you are almost out of breath and breaking a sweat. And then…a commercial… Phew….You can finally go in the kitchen and get a drink of water. March Madness has begun…

Sports bars are packed, brackets are filled out, televisions are taken over, and the smash mouthing begins, all in the name of friendly college basketball competition. Sports have always been a part of my life. Being the youngest of five children, it seemed forever before I was finally old enough to start playing on a team and not just sitting with my mom, watching as my siblings played. Once I started playing there was no going back - I fell in love with each sport I played. I remember playing in a basketball game with only a few seconds left on the clock. The ball was passed to me and I heaved the ball in the air from half court in a last second effort to tie the game. It seemed as if everything went quiet. Then, as the ball went swooshing through the net, everyone went crazy, jumping and screaming as if I had won the NCAA tournament. I do not remember who won that game, but I do remember making that shot. For a brief second it seems as if time stood still. I was 10 years old at the time and that day couldn’t have been better….. and so my love for basketball began.

For all of my fellow sports fans, keep an eye on the Reflection Beads website because
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Ann with Reflection Beads


  1. Don't be shy, tell me a story about you. If you don't have a bead to go with your story, that's okay, I would still like to hear from you. Reflect yourself!

  2. I have always had a dream to go to Egypt- ever since I was in 5th grade and we took a few days to cover Egyptian history, I was fascinate with everything that involved Egypt and its history. (and that was many many years ago). Though I haven't gone yet, its something I always think about.

  3. I just looked over a couple of the Collegiate beads. Very nice quality. I know my wife will be sporting the UK bead this Friday for the game against OSU. I might keep an OSU one in my pocket just to cheer on my home state.

    Keep me in your thoughts, I will be a stranger in a strange land on Friday night. I will be in KY watching UK take on OSU. I might not return :)