Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Adding Beads and Keeping them in Place

Adding Beads
One end of each chain usually features some type of closure,
such as a Lobster clasp or Hinged clasp. The other end of each
chain houses a small connector which fastens to the clasp on the
opposite end of the chain. Simply slide the beads over the open
end of the bracelet or chain to design your story.

Prevent Sliding with Grippers and Clips
have a rubber washer located in the center which helps to
prevent beads from sliding. These can be used as decorative spacers
or as the last bead on your bracelet or chain. Simply push over the
open end and turn slightly when applying the bead to your bracelet or chain.

Clips are used to help hold beads in place. While opened, you actually place the clip onto the chain and clip it into place.

I recommend using at least one of the clips or grippers and placing them as the last bead on the open end of your bracelet or chain. This will also help prevent your beads from sliding off when you are putting your bracelet or necklace on to wear.

Ann with Reflection Beads

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