Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bead Types and Tips

Silver and Gold Beads
Spacers, Themed Beads and Bali Beads

-Use these to create a unique touch to the bracelet. They can be as versatile as you would like for them to be.

-Use as few or as many of these as you desire.

Bead Types/Sizes and Tips

Swavorski Crystal Beads - 4 rows of crystals, approximately 8.5mm hole to hole, x 12mm

Hand-Blown Glass Beads - 8mm hole to hole x 13mm. These are smaller than the Italian Murano Beads,but do look nice when combined together.

Dichroic Glass Beads - multiple sizes multicolor metallic looking glass beads. These look great when placed with silver space and themed beads.

Murano Glass Beads- 11mm hole to hole x 13.5mm. These are a little larger than the Hand-Blown Glass Beads.

More Tips
Each person has their own "Flair" - I have listed a few suggestions below on my own personal experience and opinion:

-If you are going to keep with a color theme, be creative with the colors you choose.

-Each bead is unique and there may be variations in color. Choose colors that "Go" together.

-Different size beads create character and look fabulous when placed together.

-Can be separated with a Spacer, Themed or Bali Beads

-Create balance by alternating larger and smaller beads

-Placing a Clip or Gripper at both ends will keep the beads from sliding

Do you have tips and trick that work for you? Please feel free to share with us what works for you.

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