Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Quest for a Bead

Have you ever sat with your Grandma or Grandpa and listened to the stories that they have to tell? If your experience is anything like mine, these are stories that you can recite word for word as they are being told for the hundredth time. The irony is how much you cherish those same stories once your loved one is taken from this world.

My grandmother was a very religious, typical, little old lady who always had on a "House Dress" and slippers. Her house had a large wrap around porch and was located close to train tracks. Several hours were often spent sitting on that porch, watching trains go by and listening to her stories.

On my quest to find the perfect bead that would best represent my grandma, I started in several different directions. A cross or an angel came to mind, but just didn't feel right. She loved to cook and bake, but that didn't hit home. Then as I was flipping through the Relfection Beads website, I came across the Sterling Silver and Gold Anchor clip bead; it reached out of my monitor and grabbed me. I was completely intrigued as I felt immediately that this was the bead I was looking for; it was perfect. Grandma was the oldest ancestor that I personally knew and was the anchor to my existence. Every story she told me was a monologue of strength that she herself did not see. The anchor = the symbol of hope for future generations.
Researching the meaning of the anchor, I came across a passage that reads:
"We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure." (Hebrews 6:19)

The anchor clip bead fit my story like the glass slipper fit onto Cinderella's foot-it fit perfectly. Which bead or beads fit perfectly into Your Story?

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