Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sixteen Again

Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan were switched in “Freaky Friday” by a magic fortune cookie in a Chinese Restaurant. Jennifer Garner was thrown 17 years into the future in “13 Going on 30” by the powers of wishing dust. Mathew Perry was sent back to his teenage years in “17 Again” by a wish granting janitor. So, if you were given the opportunity to switch places with someone, jump ahead in the future or be sent back in time, what would you choose?

Sixteen is the magic number for me. I would love to be in high school again, playing sports and hanging out with my friends, attending all of the high school games and cheering our team to victory, participating in the pep rallies and the competition between the classes. 

Imagine the fun you would have all over again! I would be dating my now husband of 19 years, hanging on the phone until it attached to my head, (or so my mother would say.) If I wanted someone to call me late, we would have to plan ahead. To avoid the phone ringing and waking my parents, I would call the movie theater and listen to the play list until call waiting beeped in.

Aww to be sixteen and have all of those little “firsts” of life and love experiences ahead of me. The worries that I thought I had then seem so small now. It is definitely more fun being the teenager then it is being the parent of a teenager.  

Hollywood planted the idea in my head, but since I don’t believe that I will find “that” Chinese Restaurant, wishing dust or a wish granting Janitor, I will continue to enjoy the life I have and tell my story.

If some unknown cosmic energy sent you back in time, to what age would you return?


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