Wednesday, January 25, 2012


When I was in school, some of my fondest memories (for my story) were Snow Days!  As soon as the weatherman reported that snow was on its way, praying would begin…. “Please God let it snow really hard so we don’t have school tomorrow.”  The anxiety was so high when I tried to go to sleep; I almost felt as much excitement as I did the night before Christmas.

The next morning when mom would come in my room I anticipated those magic words, “You can sleep in, school has been cancelled today.” The excitement was so great that there was no way I would be able to go back to sleep.

The meeting spot was an apartment complex that had a small lake and big hills that were perfect for snow days. My friends and I would meet at the complex and stay out all day long; swooshing down the hills and tracking back up time after time. We would race down the hills with no fear of trees or pain, and giggling all the way. After hours of sledding, ice skating, making snow angels and burying each other in the snow, we would depart for home.

The moment I entered the garage of my house I would, for the first time, realize how cold I was. My cheeks were rosy red and my fingers and toes were numb, but all of this seemed to fade once mom handed me the steaming cup of hot chocolate with extra, mini marshmallows. If we were lucky,
the next day we would do it all over again …

Here’s to Snow Days,

Ann with Reflection Beads

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