Friday, July 8, 2011

Proof of a Memory

Memories are things that we cherish in our own way.
Have you ever pulled out your old yearbooks, notes,
pictures or cards and looked through them? It amazes
me how the memories will come flooding in as the old mementos of my life are lying in front of me. One of
my biggest fears is that my children will be deprived
of these moments.
There is a lot to be said for technology.  However, when it comes to photos, and emails and texts,
will all of the thoughts and feelings shared through
technology be lost forever when the newest and latest versions overtake the previous versions?  Future generations may be robbed of the little glimpses of the past that photos, letters and
cards provide.
While thinking of a gift for several graduating seniors headed to college, the idea of
stationary came up. As a society, we are so used to texting and emailing things that
we rarely ever write a letter to someone or share our feelings. As an end result, the
decision was made to give each of the high school seniors a basket full of paper,
envelopes, pens, stickers and stamps.

In this basket the following poem was also placed….
Proof of a Memory
Inside this basket you will see,
Something not up with technology.

Facebook, Twitter, email and text,
One form of communication is as good as the next.

But they are not items you are able to keep,
In a box of memories that you sow or reap.

So when you are bored, happy, lonely or sad,
Pull this gift out and start to write on the pad.

A poem, a letter, a memory or thought,
Of something you have learned remembered or taught.

And to the person this you choose to send,
Will have a keepsake to cherish until the end.

So in 30 years in my memory box I will see
Proof of the memories shared between you and me…
So whether you actually print your pictures (not just post them), write a letter, (not just text or email) or send a card, make your mark, leave items behind to Tell Your Story….
Please give us a glimpse of your past by sharing with us a few items that you have in
your memory box.

Ann with Reflection Beads

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